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Snakes are attracted by the food they eat. If you have a problem with rodents, such as mice or rats, there is a good chance you will find snakes nearby, too. The first part of ridding your property and home of snakes is to get rid of any rodents or other animals that might attract snakes. You can set traps for rodents and other small animals, or you can lay out poison. If you decide to use poison, be sure your pets and children do not have access to the poison bait. Also, there are other methods to deal with rodents, such as smoke bombs and repellents.

snake diet fastingAs you deal with the food that might attract snakes, you should also think about areas around your home and property that can offer shelter for the snakes. Wood piles, crawl spaces underneath your home, and brushy areas are ideal places for snakes to live and hide. Keep the land around your home free of undergrowth and high grass, too. Also, consider picking up trash and litter, and keep your trash receptacles secure with tight-fitting lids. If you have a barn with feed storage areas, store the feed in bins that rodents cannot access.

In order to deal with the snakes, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional exterminator. If the snakes are poisonous, you should consider having an exterminator take care of the issue due to the danger the snakes pose. However, know that the only way to get rid of snakes is by trapping or catching the snakes for removal to another area. Currently, there are no poisons or other pest control methods for snakes.

Living with Snakes Our first advice is to try to get you the homeowner to live with the snakes. Snakes living under your front steps or cruising through your back yard is not really anything to worry about. Unlike other animals, snakes don't damage property. 

Preventing Snakes If you still can’t handle the sight of snakes, there are a few things you can do to reduce their presence around your property. First, keep the lawn low cut and clean. Snakes need cover to hunt in and protect themselves. If they don’t have places to hide they are less likely to be around. Don’t leave wood or snake diet fasting brush piles sit in one spot for years on end. Cut grass short and keep leaves and other debris picked up.

Second, repair cracks along your foundation and fill holes around pipes. Snakes only need about a ¼ inch crack to get inside. Fill the hole before they decide to set up a brood nest there.

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