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For two years in a row, Fortune magazine has ranked Mercedes as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”. This year, the luxury car manufacturer jumped from number 49 to number 15. For fourteen years in a row, Fortune magazine has been rating companies based on an annual survey of employees across corporate America. The Great Place to Work Institute is a partner with Fortune on this massive project that includes over three hundred companies. Random employees from the company are sent a survey that asks them questions about their job satisfaction, management credibility, and co-worker camaraderie. This survey makes up two-thirds of the final result, while the remaining score comes from internal audit data such as hiring practices, pay and benefits programs, as well as internal communication systems.

Mercedes is the only car manufacturer on Fortune’s list and is ranked 8th among small companies that have less than 2,500 employees. This is a remarkable achievement for the luxury automaker and helps ensure they stay a step ahead of the competition. This organization has continually been a frontrunner in terms of advancing technology for performance and aesthetics. They are obviously also placing a lot of importance on employee satisfaction in an attempt to minimize turnover and establish a positive and creative working environment that fosters new ideas and innovation. By making it a great place to work, Mercedes is ensuring the longevity of its product and, in turn, ensuring the happiness of its customers. Buying a luxury automobile that will be serviced by people who love their job is a good thing.

Ernst Lieb, President and CEO, 바카라사이트쿠폰 claims that this achievement makes a particularly strong impact because it is based on employee survey results. This is especially rewarding for administration and management in an economy where many car manufacturers are laying employees off instead of fostering a positive work environment. The car company’s slogan states that they want “the best or nothing” and that seems to apply to their employees as well. This positive environment helps to ensure the best employee is making the best product for the best custome

r>Mercedes headquarters are located in Montvale, 카지노사이트주소 New Jersey. If you are you looking for more info regarding 우리카지노주소 look into our internet site. Their headquarters are responsible for all marketing, distribution, and customer service for all lines of vehicles within the country. The luxury car manufacturer is pleased to offer the most diverse line of automobiles with 12 models rangy from sporty to sedan to supercar.
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